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ERP Features

ERP systems improve enterprise operations in a number of ways. By integrating financial information in a single system, ERP systems unify an organization’s financial reporting. They also integrate order management, making order taking, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and distribution a much simpler, less error-prone process.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboards are interfaces that are developed to create a central access point to your existing management tools. Some existing applications can also be connected to sync with each other when information is updated.

Data analysis

The power of data analysis is enabling employees to gather a wide variety of information and spin it into actionable insights—on new business opportunities as well as ways to optimize current operations, reduce costs, spot fraud and better serve customers.


Better reporting is almost as important to executives as more effective data usage. ERP reporting modules compile information about business operations into reports that empower stakeholders to make more informed decisions, enhance business processes

Tracking and visibility

ERP platforms allow companies to track, surface and understand business metrics—a powerful feature. They do this by facilitating companywide access to near-real-time data, breaking down information silos and offering reporting and analysis for every aspect of business operations.


ERP accounting features deliver the ability to track, store and analyze financial data, such as accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), general ledger (GL), budgets and forecasting. Systems may perform more advanced tasks such as tax management, fixed assets management, revenue recognition and multi-currency reconciliation.

Financial management

Financial management is a complex task that involves planning, organizing and determining the best use of funds for a business. Financial leaders must track and use financial data from all departments to make decisions about, for example, capital projects, funding sources, cash management and financial controls.

Solutions that fit you. Not the other way around. To make your Organization more effective

Choose one, some, or all. ERP-Applications are made to work together—and with your existing systems—for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business. So you connect with us.

  • Stay agile. Do more with less.
  • Drive more efficiency, reduce costs.
  • Create a hyperconnected business that links people.
  • processes across your organization—enabling every team to quickly adapt and innovate.

Management process by tracking, analyzing and reporting critical business data. In large, complex organizations, ERP systems are necessary tools for sound financial management.

Build finance and business operation agility

Marketing teams may benefit from an ability to drive more leads, quickly build and execute campaigns and track customer activity through the sales cycle.

Business agility is a way for organizations to remain agile during market fluctuations, regardless of the business model. It’s not a crystal ball with a look into the future, but it is as close to one as you can get. Using systems and trends to calculate and estimate the likelihood of what’s coming is always an option,

but with the number of variables at play and the human element in the mix, these equations are far from perfect. Markets are man-made, and though we like to pride ourselves by thinking otherwise, humans are not always rational.

Cloud-based Accounting & Invenotry Management Software

Accounts ERP is a proven cloud-based business management solution which can be used from any device connected to internet, including your Mobile Phone. It is being used by thousands of Traders and Service Providers to manage their Accounts, Inventory & Finance.

You could easily generate graphs and reports for Sales by each Executive or Agent, Month wise sale, Product wise sale, Location wise Sale, Customer wise products sold, Expenses, Profit etc.

  • Accounts ERP allows you and your staff to access and update data using any device connected to internet, including your Mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop.
  • This helps you capture data in real-time. MIS alerts keep you updated about your business .
  • BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard with built-in Analytics help you take informed decisions.
  • Lower capital requirements to access innovation.
  • Dramatically shorter deployment times for better ROI.Trim operational expenses autogenrated watchers
  • Autogenrated watchers
  • Digitalize work abilities

Equip sales with real-time access to prospect, customer and order records. With integrated sales processes from opportunity

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution helps companies manage interactions with current and potential customers, partners and suppliers in a single place. With all the capabilities of a traditional CRM solution, such as sales force automation (SFA), customer service management and marketing automation, plus the ability to manage quotes, commissions, sales forecasts, Production and partner relationships

  • Engaging, Relevant Experiences.
  • Production Planning, Production Leads
  • Supercharge Sales Performance.
  • Superior Customer Service.

Build strong Accounting experiences and accelerate business growth using intelligent customer insights and process automation.


Clients Testimonials


We are very satisfied by IR-NMS ERP-System in which we are using Accounting calculation related Fintech and I really want to say its help us alot as well as safe our time.


Since 2001 & Client

IR-NMS is the best way to simplify your work and incearse capcity of working with the help information technology fundamentals and also provide support service 24/7 to us if any glitches occures.


Since 2001 & Client

IR-NMS Software provide us Accounting services with the help of Fintech which simplify the Accounting working and allows us to work in multi-dimensions.

AR Associate

Since 2001 & Client

IR-NMS Software is the best way to simplify your accounting fundamentals as well as working abliities. Thank you IRNMS

MMP (Pvt).Ltd

Since 2001 & Client

Exceptionally sterling delivery. The item was optimum and standout! The packaging was outstanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is an ERP System and Why Is It Used?

    ERP is a type of software application used most often by medium and larger enterprises, and sometimes by smaller companies. ERP software focuses on integrating business processes into a single.

  • Popular approaches include enterprise-wide full installation, unit by unit, and key-process installation. The system you choose must match the needs of your organization.

  • A successful ERP implementation is the difference between an ERP that functions and an ERP that provides outstanding investment return by supporting specific business objectives. ERP software selection is separate from the implementation process

  • The goal of the change management process is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, minimize the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality, and consequently improve the day-to-day operations the organization.

  • Data conversion can be one of the most pressing challenges of ERP implementation. In terms of hardware, purchasing new servers, workstations, and other items may result in additional costs and configuration headaches.

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